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7th Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival June 25-29, 2014 #piff #uff #Pi7 - Film Screening Music Video Selection

Festival Updates:
Dec 8th - New box office info coming soon!

Film Screening Music Video Selection
Sunday, 13 June 2010
Music Video Selection for Festival #5 will be posted May 14th, 2012. Thank you!
Music Video Selection
Multiple Day Screenings (Note: This is a block of Music Videos, all videos are shown once on each day)
Café Treece
Thursday June 24
9:20pm - 10:30pm

  Media Bureau
Saturday June 26
4:00pm - 5:00pm

Café Treece
Sunday June 27
4:50pm - 5:50pm

Vou Mandar Pastar
Dir: Octávio Pacheco
"Directed by Otavio Pacheco, Vinicius Calderoni's 'Vou Mandar Pastar' ('C'mon, Go Graze!') music video was conceived to translate the lyrics of the artist's song into a video that is almost a short movie.
The lyrics express the desire to break free from the chains of everyday problems. We see the singer facing a really tough day, dealing of a number of growing problems, until he liberates his 'madness' and gets free from his old lifestyle.
The chorus 'C'mon, Go Graze!' is an adapted translation of a very common brazillian expression used when you want to get rid of someone who has such a dumb cow mentality (or attitude) that it's equivalent to cattle in a grassland. It's a sharp way to say 'get off', and it's the most liberating way to say it in Portuguese. "
Nicolas Maranda- 646
Dir: Nicolas Maranda
"Nicolas Maranda- 646' was conceived and directed by the composer/performer of the music himself, Nicolas Maranda, along with internationally celebrated Light Painter Patrick Rochon. Patrick has contributed to the field of Light Painting photography since the early nineties and brought it onstage with spellbinding results. With Nicolas he formed the group Boa that created a series of memorable onstage events. They brought their creative spark to the studio for this multimedia collaboration. Nicolas was inspired by Maurice Binder 's vintage James Bond opening sequences and wanted to create the effect, through the use of a projector, of playing the piano on a dancer's body. Enter Montreal dancer Sarah Lefebvre, who's body uniquely responds as Nicolas' projected fingers dance on her. The musician/director manned the hand-held projector for most of the shoot while Patrick filmed (although they did switch roles at one point). Also featured in this clip is Emmanuelle Bourassa-Beaudoin, Sarah's partner in Dave St-Pierre's internationally acclaimed dance troupe; cellist Véronique Poulin and violinist Simon Claude; and percussionist Mélissa Lavergne. The track ''646 (Couchpotatoes Remix)' is from Nicolas Maranda's double CD 'Minuit le soir- l'album double'; the remix was done by Nicolas and Jean-Michel Lapointe, founder of the Couchpotatoes. "
Let Me In
Dir: Matthew Schutt
Website: wayside.tv
In this music video for the Kelly Dalton song 'Let Me In,' a singer/songwriter (Dalton) returns to his hometown after a long tour, but soon realizes that he may be a stranger in his own town. He is haunted by the memories of the relationship with the girlfriend he left behind (Elisse Grubb), as he confronts his own guilt that his leaving may have had tragic consequences.
Let It All Burn Down
Dir: Ryan Moore
Five high school freshmen (The Nightbirds) and one shy schoolgirl are transported into the world of their swords-and-sorcery role-playing game.
Love Me or Hate Me Music Video
Dir: Hannah Lux Davis
"Love Me or Hate Me' is a visually beautiful music video with a strong dance beat and an important message of self awareness. Some people are going to love you, and some people are going to hate you. The tongue-in-cheek video takes place in an ultra glam salon where Zoe tries on several outfits, looking for the approval of her peers. A row of celebrity judges hold up score cards and rate each new 'persona' that Zoe tries on. Some love every outfit-- others hate everything. In the end, Zoe simply joins her friends and forgets about trying to find the 'perfect choice.' With a dozen up and coming young stars making an appearance, this singer/songwriter melds fashion and glamor with a backbeat that will have you dancing long after the song ends. "
Philadelphia Chickens
Dir: Sandra Boynton
An overenthusiastic animated music video of the title song from Philadelphia Chickens, the Grammy-nominated Gold record album written and produced by cartoonist Sandra Boynton and composer Michael Ford. Two pigs from Connecticut travel down Interstate 95 to go watch the renowned chickens swing-dancing in a park near the Schuylkill River. Wild and wooly. Or, rather: feathery. The original singers of the track, Kevin and Michael Bacon, make spiffy cameo appearances, including some fine glimpses of Kevin Bacon dancing beside some serious chickens. (Sandra Boynton's first-ever animation.) (The Bacon Brothers are portrayed as pigs, seeing as they are the Bacon Brothers.)
Dir: Trisha Gum
A girl who lives in a room at the bottom of the ocean, for the first time, considers stepping out...
Ruse of Fools-The Flood
Dir: Rémy M. Larochelle
"The video resembles a voyage taking place in a Lewis Carroll-esque universe. Leading with an enigmatic rabbit protagonist exploring a mysterious, vast labyrinth, the rabbit encounters dark and emotionally powerful images that explore the deepest of human emotions, such as sorrow, love, and pain. An image of a distraught women partaking in self-mutilation is haunting yet poignant, especially when the protagonist and the women first meet eye to eye, reflecting a short-lived sense of amity in a world of isolation. However, further haunting images of a wilted flower, a horse running to its inevitable end, a man's transformation to a grotesque creature that spontaneously combusts, and the breaking of the cog symbolizes a world fallen into decay while sharing a common aesthetic of horror. However, even with all the horror imagery, the animation and the song come together to create something poignant. With the machinery working , the lone horse running, the owl gliding over the vast maze, all these actions follow to the rhythm of the song, creating a cohesive connection between the two seemingly disparate works of art. Overall, the music and the animation come together as one to create something dark and beautiful. "
Dir: Arturo Cubacub
"Music video featuring the electronic ballad, 'S T R E T C H' by Sarah Weis. Sarah: I started to write this song at a time when I felt my mind was literally broken. Arturo: She'd immersed herself so fully in B-17 that she ended up deep in an interstitial space. "
'The Light' Dj Easeback feat Prince Lord
Dir: DJ Easeback
DJ Easeback presents the music video for the first single 'The Light' off the album 'Inoculation'. The video examines the battles many face when striving to walk the path of the light but constantly interrupted by that of the darkness. One of the lyrics states ' ...the human race is running to the brink of extinction...carelessness kills'. Easeback attempts to capture the essence evident in that message. By meshing live action footage with 3D Animation, Easeback visually examines a 'reality disguised by fantasy'. On one hand a world where decisions are made and on the other a world between worlds where everyday decisions are influenced. The video takes you on a thought provoking journey that most can relate to. 'My goal as a director has been to challenge an already thriving medium to get back into the tradition of pushing the envelope while triggering socially conscience dialog among audiences. If audiences feel I have accomplished that, then I've done my job.'
Dir: Sam Griffith
A man and a woman fall in love at a nursing home. Set to the music of The Old Ceremony's 'Til My Voice is Gone,' this music video shows that love is timeless, and can happen when you least expect it.
Winkie: Truth It Is
Dir: Paul Natale
A music video for the electronic New York City based band WINKIE, 'Truth It Is' tells the story of a woman who is purged of her guilt (literally) from a marital indiscretion when she discovers her husband has also been having an affair. The contradiction in the hauntingly repeated lyric, 'he who tells lies, lies / she who tells lies lies, alone' explores the double standards between the sexes when it comes to such untruths. The use of split screen simultaneously reveals the consequences that befall the man and woman as they deal with the infidelity.
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